4 Screens #1: Simultaneous Drift

Full Company

Lyme Regis, Exeter city centre, the landscape between Trichrug & Bethlehem (South Wales), and clay pits near St Austell
(December 2005)

4 screens #1 was the first in an anticipated sequence of video and walking experiments.

Each of the four core members of Wrights & Sites chose a landscape and a partner to document a 90-minute drift on video. The four walks took place simultaneously, between 10.30 am and 12.00 noon on 17 December 2005. Walking partners/camera operators were Clive Austin, Matt Fletcher, Jane George & Joel McAllister.

Each video document became a visual conversation between two people, based on a few simple rules. The core company member would choose where to walk. The camera operator would stay in visual contact, but could choose what to focus the camera on. They would not talk to each other.

All eight participants gathered at the end of the day to watch the four videos simultaneously. This added a further level of visual conversation.

The resultant split-screen DVD was projected during plenary sessions at Melbourne Walk21 2006: The Seventh International Conference on Walking & Liveable Communities.