North, South, East, West

Full Company

Northlands Park Neighbourhood, Basildon (January 2007)

Starting at 'Nowhere' on the Northlands Park Neighbourhood, each of the four members of Wrights & Sites led an expedition with a group of Basildon residents in search of one point of the compass.

Each group of explorers used its compass point as a 'frame' for the walk - renaming locations and constructing new signposts on route - finishing by planting a new polar flag after 90 minutes.

In the subsequent workshop, the map of Northlands Park Neighbourhood was redrawn with reference to things encountered in, and new names given to, parts of the landscape.

Commissioned as part of Art U Need - An Outdoor Revolution, a programme of commissions for neglected open spaces in Thames Gateway South Essex, led by artist Bob & Roberta Smith.