A Courtauld Mis-Guide

Full Company with Tony Weaver

Courtauld Institute, London (November 2003 - November 2005)

Wrights & Sites were commissioned to produce a new work for the Courtauld Institute's East Wing Collection 06 (Urban Networks), 2003-5. The exhibition features work by a series of artists of international repute.

We produced A Courtauld Mis-Guide, 3000 copies of a two-sided A3 map comprising four walks out into central London through the four gates of Somerset House. Visual artist Tony Weaver has also created an installation to signpost the walks, which is hung in the library beneath the courtyard.

A Courtauld Mis-Guide offers a walk to the North, where you might discover a park-keeper's house that used to be a morgue; a walk to the East, where you are invited to identify shapes in the architecture around you; a walk to the South, where you are encouraged to curate your own exhibition from the items washed up onto the beach by the Thames; a walk to the West, which takes you around the backs of glamorous hotels.

You can view both pages of A Courtauld Mis-Guide on the Mis-Guide website.