The Dig

Full Company

Exeter Phoenix (June 2000)

The Dig was commissioned by South West Arts to mark to launch of the Year Of The Artist, it took as its inspiration the current and former uses of Exeter Phoenix, and the context of the event. The resulting performance was both site-specific, and suggestive of the artist's process. The Dig took the form of seven hours worth of excavations and interventions in and around Exeter Phoenix.

Four attributes of the site were identified as reference points for the work:
• the original purpose of the building (the first location of the University of Exeter)
• the presence of the Archaeological Field Unit (appropriately in the basement)
• the current usage of most of the building in its role as an Arts Centre and café/bar (artistic creation & presentation, and the consumption of food & drink)
• the housing of arts funding & administration bodies on the top floors (South West Arts/Exeter Phoenix offices upstairs)