Lost Tours 1

Full Company

Exeter & its environs (July 2003)

Lost Tours 1 comprised a fortnight of experimental walking, mis-guiding and exploration in two phases:

1. A series of R&D 'drifts' for company members and invited guests, entitled Tops and Bottoms, Allotment Drift, The Lost Mis-Guide, Gendered Drift, The Space Between, Outward Bound, Round About, Angel Dérive, Egypt Drift and Peripheral Vision Drift.

2. An evening of public mis-guided tours in the vicinity of the White Hart Hotel, drawing on material encountered whilst on the previous 'drifts'.

The project raised a number of important questions that may feed into future work concerning: male and female experiences of space, the role of the Mis-Guide in the flow of the city, the place for performance and visual art in the work of Wrights & Sites...

Funded by Arts Council England.