Subverting the City: A Mis-Guide to Milton Keynes

Full Company

Milton Keynes
(filmed January 2005 / first broadcast February 2005)

Blindfolded and driven to the outskirts of Milton Keynes before daybreak, we drifted into a city that none of us knew, searching for its heart, whilst accompanied by a TV crew. Included in our discoveries were an edgeland cathedral, a fleet of discarded fairground attractions and an icy, artificial ski-slope.

Subverting The City was a series of four short documentaries, made for Channel 4's 3 Minute Wonder slot. It explored how four different groups of artists/thinkers challenge the prescribe meaning of city life and use the city as a stage from which to question and challenge the powers that be. The Space Hijackers, Climbing Club & the Office for Subversive Architecture also featured.

Directed & edited by Dan Edelstyn. Produced by Optimistic Productions & Fulcrum TV for Channel 4.