Phoenix Scratch in Second Life

Stephen Hodge & commissioned artists

Second Life & Exeter (June 2007 - December 2008)

Drifter Rhode (Stephen's SL avatar) is the curator-producer of 2ND LIVE, which aims to explore virtual space and live performance in Second Life, the 3D online digital world imagined and created by its 13 million plus residents.

The first, extended 2ND LIVE project is Phoenix Scratch in Second Life. It comprises four new commissioned works, a series of events with open-calls for artists to try out new performance experiments, and a day-long symposium in autumn 2008. Phoenix Scratch is hosted by Exeter Phoenix and supported by Arts Council England (Lottery Funded).


What is a theatre? Where is it and how do you get there?

Stephen Hodge & Daniel Belasco Rogers

Berlin (September 2006)

This project comprised a series of research drifts, co-authored by Stephen Hodge and Berlin-based, walking artist, Daniel Belasco Rogers. Four artists' pages emerged and were published in Performance Research (ISSN: 1352-8165, Issue 12.2, On The Road, June 2007).

It is one of eight Arts Council England funded projects (£30,000 total) generated by the members of the New Theatre Architects, and going under the umbrella title What is a theatre? Where is it and how do you get there? Initiated in 2003 by David Micklem, former Theatre Strategy Officer at Arts Council England's national office, the thinktank seeks to challenge artists and organisations to imagine new models for making and supporting theate in England.

Artists' Page #1

Artists' Page #2

Artists' Page #3

Artists' Page #4


Out of the way: 3 square walks

Stephen Hodge & Cathy Turner

Queen Square, King Square & Berkeley Square, Bristol (February 2003)

Commissioned by the Arnolfini, Bristol, as part of the In Between Time live art festival, this project comprised three sets of printed instructions for three walks. Each walk explored a different square in central Bristol, close to the festival venues.

One for Queen Square, site of major, drunken riots in 1831. One for King Square, where John Wesley used to preach. And one for Berkeley Square, which we associated with the philosopher, Bishop Berkeley. Each of the walks dealt with intoxication in some way, through drink, riot, religion, philosophy...

Walk #1

Walk #2

Walk #3


Honiton GPS

Stephen Hodge

Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton (October 2002)

Honiton GPS was commissioned by the Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton, as part of The Big Draw in 2002. By using a handheld Global Positioning System device to record the path of walkers through space and time, it became possible to overlay these routes onto existing town maps on a computer and print them out, thereby creating 'drawings' through the process of walking.

This work has connections to the Nazca lines in the Peruvian desert, widely thought to have been routes of pilgrimage.

GPS Drawing (based on a traditional Honiton lace pattern)

GPS Drawing Project


Under Cover

Stephen Hodge & Cathy Turner

Arnolfini Bookshop, Bristol (April 2002)

Under Cover was an installation created for the Live Art Forum South West platform event. As visitors to the bookshop approached the shelves they could hear collages of whispered texts through twelve concealed speakers, seeming to be spoken by the books themselves.

One hundred books were chosen from different sections of the shop and the opening lines of each book were read out and recorded. The work explored the layering of conflicting, complementary, reassuring and dissident voices within the bookshop area and the idea of these texts as performers in an enclosed space - a roomful of voices, all wanting to be heard.


The Morning Walk

Stephen Hodge & Cathy Turner

Central Exeter (September 2001)

The Morning Walk was a guided tour of the city through the eyes of Peter Thomson. It was created on his retirement for an event attended by former students and colleagues.

The walk was based around 11 Exeter sites of particular significance to Peter. At each of these sites the walkers were met by one or more people, dressed as Peter (complete with beard). These sites included his favourite route to work, his former house and the County Cricket Pitch on which a team of 'Peters' was seen to be playing. On each occasion, 'Peter' would share a simple anecdote, relating to his working life in the city.


Out Of Place

Stephen Hodge

The City of Exeter (Spring/Summer 2001)

Working with undergraduate Drama students from the University of Exeter, this project provided an opportunity for initial R&D on An Exeter Mis-Guide. The project had two phases:

1. Research - investigating a range of site-specific 'tools'. The group explored different relationships between site & text, small-scale interventions, work in personal spaces, map-based walks & audio tours for Walkmans, different modes of transport and the framework of the Guided Tour.

2. Application - creating work for an audience. Focusing on Exeter Quay & Canal, the group generated map-based walks and site-specific audio pieces for use by individuals, plus two mytho-geographical performances, involving twelve tour guides, six 'ghosts' of the canal, a boat journey and the fading summer light.


Exeter A-Z

Stephen Hodge

Exeter bus fleet (September 2000)

Exeter A-Z was a series of interventions, created specifically for the scrolling, LED, advertising signs aboard Exeter's bus fleet. A body of found text was drawn from the public domain through reconnaissance trips along city bus routes (labelled from A to Z). This material was then distilled into eight short sequences of text, which ran in loops amid the commercial advertising.

Exeter A-Z was supported by South West Arts (Year Of The Artist award) and Exeter Arts Council.


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