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Offline     Selected Reading List



Analysis of Infinitely Small Things, The (Kanarinka)

And While London Burns

ANTI: Contemporary Art Festival


Arts Archives



Bartlett, The: Faculty of the Built Environment

Blast Theory


Brunswick Project, The



Carrlands (Mike Pearson, with John Hardy & Hugh Fowler)

Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World

Centre for Performance Research

Common Ground

Craig, Shea

Crisps: A List for London Walkers

Critical Spatial Practice

Curious (Leslie Hill & Helen Paris)



Degree Confluence Project

Derelict Sensation, The

Desire Paths (Spell#7)

Desperate Optimists

Dread, Route and Time: An Autobiographical Walking of Everything Else (Phil Smith)


Drift (Clive Austin & Phil Smith)


Duncan Speakman



Ecstacity (Nigel Coates)

Electric Pavilion

Exeter A-Z: Public Intervention Aboard Exeter's Bus Fleet (Stephen Hodge)


Exploration Station



Fawcett, Jon

Flâneur: Urban Enthusiasms

Forced Entertainment


Fulton, Hamish



Generative Psychogeography

Global Positioning System Drawing Project

Goat Island



Hair Raising (Sue Palmer)

Haque, Usman

Hodge, Stephen




International City Planners Network










Legs That Make Us, The (Tamara Ashley & Simone Kenyon)

Linked (Graeme Miller)

Locws International

London Psychogeographical Association

Lonely Planet Guide To Experimental Travel, The (Rachel Antony & Joël Henry)

Lone Twin

Long, Richard

Luna Nera



Manchester Area Psychogeographic

Mis-Guide (Wrights & Sites)

Missing Voice, The (Case Study B) (Janet Cardiff)



New York Surveillance Camera Players

Nothing To See Here

nva organisation



Office for Subversive Architecture

Optimistic Productions



Pearson / Brookes

Pedestrian Culture: Walk, Observe, Reflect, Report

Phillips, Perdita


Public Spaces / Private Places








Reder, Peter

Remap the Map

Research on Place & Space


Rogers, Daniel Belasco




Sadler, Simon

Salmon, A.J.: A disappearance of an investigation

Serendipity: An Online Mapping Tool for Urban Psychogeography (Neil Jenkins)

Shed Summit

Short History of the Future of Walking, A (Phil Smith)

Site / Sight   <->   Source / Resource

Situationist International Archives


Space and Culture

Space Hijackers


Station House Opera

Superimposed City Tours



Talking Walking

Taxi Gallery

Templeton, Fiona



UK Weather Forecast (Met Office)

Untitled States (Simon Whitehead & Barnaby Oliver)

Urban Networks: East Wing Collection 06

Urban Tapestries







Walk Walk Walk


Walk & Squawk / The Walking Project

Walking as Knowing as Making: a Peripatetic Investigation of Place

Wish You Were Here

World of Experience











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